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GlassManager is a strategic and complete glass shop software based on working with glaziers for more than a decade. We have great relationships with our customers and are always listening to feedback to not only improve but continuing developing new features so our customers stay ahead. And if you happen to have a unique requirement, we might just customize your glass shop software GlassManager just for you.

Mobile App

Field staff can view their task calendar, upload documents, images and notes to a project, estimate or work order.

Field staff can log time against jobs on their computer or mobile device while on site. Hours captured on billable projects are instantly calculated for future invoices. By tracking time against jobs, managers and owners can accurately measure profitability and staff productivity on every job.

Estimates & Quotes

Prepare accurate estimates and professional quotes quickly using pre-defined or the custom estimate templates. Descriptions of materials and services can be saved and repeatedly used to create consistency among staff from one quote to the next.

Job Management

GlassManager provides a consolidated view on every aspect of all jobs to increase efficiency and offer total visibility on your business. See project status, who’s been assigned, hours tracked and all documents associated with each job.

Reports & Dashboards

Have complete visibility into your business with a real-time dashboard and easy to produce reports that help you assess profitability and staff productivity.

Accounting Integration

GlassManager can be integrated with popular accounting software enabling an accurate and streamlined link, faster billing, improved cash flow and synchronization with your service and accounting department without multiple data entry. Providing you more time to continue developing your organization and staying ahead.


Use GlassManager to schedule tasks each day and assign them to staff. Calendar views allow you to easily see jobs being worked on and to see upcoming jobs so you can prepare material orders and schedule shop workers. All tasks are shared in real-time with glaziers. We offer a complete glass shop software that streamlines the communication between the office and field.

Vendors & Purchase Orders

Setup details for all the vendors you work with and easily create and issue purchase orders. Purchase orders can be assigned to jobs to easily match costs against every project.

Invoicing & Payments

Standardized material descriptions and hourly staff costs are automatically captured for invoicing so any employee can prepare professional invoices quickly so there aren’t delays to get paid. Input payments and have the ability to process multiple transactions.

Customer Management

Develop a complete view of all your customers’ details and easily drill down to access all documents and projects details associated with each customer.

Materials Management

Our team works with you to import details and pricing information for the materials you install. These details are included in all documents produced by our glass shop management software including estimates, invoices and PO’s.

AIA Style Billing

Manage your AIA projects straight from GlassManager. Set your scheduled values, complete the required forms and bill your clients according to progress using one tool.

*Available to US customers only.

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